We are a global movement with a vision to see individuals, Christian organizations and local churches free from the misuse of Non-Disclosure Agreements. #NDAfree contributes to this by raising awareness of the issues and providing some tools for change.

What we do

1. Stories

Safely enabling individuals to disclose they have been subject to an NDA. By telling our stories, we refuse to be silenced and allow truth and light to flourish.

2. Resources and support

FAQs provide clear explanations of terms and debunk commonly used justifications.
Resources, templates and ideas to encourage trust and healthy communities.
Signposting to allies and further help.

3. Pledging for a safer future

 Provide a pledge for churches and organizations to choose freedom from NDAs. 

Our story

At #NDAfree we dream of seeing individuals and organizations break free of the pervasive culture of NDAs. Too often, these tools are used to silence people following abuse or whistleblowing.

We’re a community of survivors, whistleblowers and activists, brought together by a shared belief in this justice issue.

As followers of Jesus, we long to see our communities press into the hard work of pursuing truth, promoting transparency and, where possible, seeking reconciliation.

"NDAs discriminate against the powerless and in favor of the powerful. They block truth telling, silence the wounded, require complicity from others in power and, upon exposure, accuse churches and leaders of manipulation and deception. The gospel counters NDAs."
Laura Barringer and Scot McKnight
“Non disclosure agreements continue the same power dynamic that permitted sexual abuse to occur in the first place. NDAs are meant to conceal abuse in the darkness, we the people of light, should have no part in them.”
Lori Anne Thompson