“To cover-up sin in the body of Christ is to silence truth and allow a cancer to grow. Jesus, the Light of the World, has called us to speak truth. CS Lewis said that that such silence protects the things that are temporal. May we, His people, be more diligent in protecting what is eternal and brings joy to the Father’s heart.”
Diane Langberg
“NDAs or ‘confidentiality clauses’ imposed by powerful individuals or organisations in order to protect themselves, should be a huge red flag that something is not right. When the truth is kept hidden under the guise of projecting unity by enforcing ‘agreed narratives’, justice and peace are far away. When people are silenced for the sake of protecting institutions, organisations and power brokers, we are all harmed. I support the campaign to end the abusive use of NDAs in organisations.”
Amy Orr-Ewing
"Institutions are made in the image of God. As images, they are made to point to God and HIS redemptive work. When they point to themselves, and engage in self preservation, they become idols, not images. The NDA is the hammer the idol maker wields."
Curtis Chang
"NDAs are a tool created by the powerful for the powerful to remain powerful."
Mandy Marshall
Co-Founder of Restored
"NDAs discriminate against the powerless and in favor of the powerful. They block truth telling, silence the wounded, require complicity from others in power and, upon exposure, accuse churches and leaders of manipulation and deception. The gospel counters NDAs."
Laura Barringer and Scot McKnight
“Non disclosure agreements continue the same power dynamic that permitted sexual abuse to occur in the first place. NDAs are meant to conceal abuse in the darkness, we the people of light, should have no part in them.”
Lori Anne Thompson
“Non disclosure agreements — especially in Christian ministries — are poisonous and enable additional abuse.”
David French
“NDAs are too often used to cover up wrongs that ought to be brought into the light, to silence voices of truth, and to remove choice from those already weakened by abuse. They can add to the burden of secrecy that members of a community of faith should not have to bear. A safe faith community should walk in the light of truth and reject these kinds of silencing measures.
Wade Mullen