Theological reflections

Please find below links to articles which examine NDAs from a theological perspective. We are always on the look out for constructive, insightful writing which helps inform thinking and practice. Please get in contact if there are additional articles we can reference – or if you want to contribute yourself.

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and the Body of Christ by Diane Langberg

Abuse NDAs and the Church: Making a Covenant with Death by Will Timmins

Buying silence: a theological perspective on Non-Disclosure Agreements (MA thesis) by Ben Nicholson


The following articles offer comment on the use of NDAs in churches and Christian organizations

Narcissism is not a “leadership style” by Chuck DeGroat

NDAs are a tool for toxic church cultures by Katelyn Beaty

Non-Disparagement Agreements And Truth-Telling In The Church: Willow Creek by Scot McKnight

NDAs have no place in Christian Ministry – Diane Langberg & Rachael Denhollander – Premier Unbelievable?