Ben Nicholson

A whistleblower recently released from (most of) a comprehensive lifetime NDA by Tearfund, Ben is passionate to see others set free from this abusive practice. His MA thesis, ‘Buying silence: a theological perspective on Non-Disclosure Agreements’ can be accessed here.

Christina Ruiz-Stigile

Having served as the Events Manager of RZIM for eight years, Christina longs to see the misuse of NDAs come to an end.

Robert Leland

Teaching Engineering for over thirty years Robert has signed NDAs to protect trade secrets, but looks forward to the day when the Body of Christ will end the use of NDAs that cover-up abuse or misconduct in order to promote healing and truth.

"Institutions are made in the image of God. As images, they are made to point to God and HIS redemptive work. When they point to themselves, and engage in self preservation, they become idols, not images. The NDA is the hammer the idol maker wields."
Curtis Chang